Nickname? Twizzy. When I was playing Junior, I was #20. The kicker made a comment one game “Harris is playing so well out there he’s flowing like water!” So it became H2O, then H2-Twizzy, Twizzler… I didn’t make it up.

Morning person or night owl? Night owl.

Food dislikes? Pickles, olives.

Guilty pleasure? Love chocolate. Love junk food. Love pizza. I’m a fat kid at heart.

Pet peeves? Dishonesty. People who are very arrogant and cocky.

Favourite pizza topping? Bacon and pineapple. Mix those two together, it’s fire.

Favourite show? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Go-to karaoke song? It’s a weird one; Silverchair, Tomorrow.

Most-used emoji? The pound sign.

Biggest phobia? I hate snakes, frogs, sharks… I’ve been living in Vancouver forever but I refuse to go in the ocean.

Bacon or chocolate? That’s tough. Chocolate-covered bacon.

Last song that was stuck in your head? It’s still stuck in my head; Majid Jordan, Something About You.

Justin Bieber or Drake? The Weeknd

If there was a movie made about your life, what would it be called? Relentless

Who would play you? Will Smith

Mustache or mullet? *laughs* Moustache

Favourite restaurant? 529

Hockey or Baseball? Hockey.

Call or text? Call. Texting is so overrated.

Celebrity Crush? Who’s hot right now? I’m not going to say Kendall Jenner or anything like that. That’s weak. I used to like Beyonce a lot but she’s changed.

Author: RHÉANNE M.