Put on for my city…

Put on for my city..

It is every kids dream who has grown up playing football in Manitoba to one day play for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

February 9, 2016 that dream became a reality.

This off-season was one different then ever as I was transitioning my life that I had built in Vancouver back to where it all started in Winnipeg. There was excitement, there were nerves.. It was even a little stressful as times. I had made a whole new life for myself and that was all about to change coming back to a place I hadn’t lived in full-time for over 11 years.

The calls, texts and emails piled up for weeks and months after I signed talking about how they were excited for me to be home, how they were ready for the Bombers to be back on top, and how hungry this city is for success and a Grey Cup.

As I finally moved back full-time in mid March, I could really feel the excitement from friends, family, new and old fans, and random people I’d meet in passing. I sat back and thought wow, this may be a ton of pressure. These people are starving for success and expect huge things from this team and their home town boy.

I then realized this is exactly what I needed, this was the right time.. All the adversity I had faced and all the challenges I’ve been through, I was ready. The maturity you gain year In and out throughout a career, there was no better time then now!

There is no better feeling then coming out of that tunnel in Investors Group Field and playing in front of my friends, family, and all the amazing fans in this city!

You really can’t describe that feeling but this may help put you in my shoes…


Ready to Put on For My City!!